Create a disposable email and say goodbye to spam!!


What is NowMyMail?
A service that lets you receive temporary messages, which are removed in a very short time.

How doI choose the username?
Just click on the button to generate one automatically.

How long the messages remain in the mailbox?
15 minutes, but we recommend deleting them as soon as you read them to improve security.

Can I access any deleted messages?
No, once deleted there is no way to get them back.

Is it possible to create again the same mailbox used before?
No, there is no way to create the same mailbox.

What happens with spam?
Nothing, the email only last for 15 minutes.

What kind of security do received emails have?
None, the accounts are without password, so, anyone who knows the username can read the messages until they are removed.

Does nowmymail.com accept any message content?
Whenever comply with our terms, please read here.

Can I receive attachments?
No, only text and html messages (the latter may be a little deformed but still readable), the maximum message size allowed is 60K, we believe that is sufficient for any regular mail.

What do I do if I have any problems?
Tell us!!, We need to know of any bugs or problems to be able to fix them, just send us an email thru the contact option.