Create a disposable email and say goodbye to spam!!

What is it?

NowMyMail should be used to avoid spam when you need to leave your mail address in sites you don't trust enough. Using NowMyMail no one knows your real address, not even us! Registration is not necessary and is completely free.

How do I use it?

Very easy, when you need to enter an address, simply create a disposable email using the "Create" button, for example, a website needs your email to send you back some code to register, you don't want to use your real address to incoming spam in the future, so, you create one, select the new address y paste it in the email field that needs it, when you think they have already sent you the mail just click the check mail button at the this page, and that's all, you can read your mail and delete it (all message are deleted after 15 minutes anyway). Keep in mind that the ease of use makes the temporary accounts not secure as you don't need any password, you should use this service only when message security is not important at all. To know more on how it works please read our FAQ.

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